Facca Bar

When locals and visitors think of Campinas, the popular restaurant and watering hole Facca Bar is sure to be one of the first social meeting sites to come to mind. Head here when hungry and pick yourself up a local gastronomical treat.

A slice of Brazilian life

As an iconic staple of the community of Campinas since the 1960's, Facca Bar has established a truly legendary reputation, and become famously known as the place where you'll find the very best of traditional Brazilian baked goods. It's for this reason alone that guests from far regions around the globe find their way to this quaint eatery just outside Sao Paulo. Food served at Facca Bar is done so in the tradition of many Brazilian restaurants, with guests having the opportunity to choose from a variety of dishes, buffet-style, with the cost of any meal determined by weight.

Must-have specialities and snack foods

The variety of sandwiches at Facca Bar are within themselves a tourist attraction and must-have for locals alike. The house sandwich is made-up of a local salsa combined with anchovies, pork loin and cold cheese and is considered the best sandwich in town. Facca Bar also has a wide range of snack foods for guests to explore including fried shrimp with cheese, grilled bite-size picanha, filet mignon sliced into nice bite-size strips served with onions, tasty fried potatoes and much more.

Live music

Regularly performing at Facca Bar, chances are you'll be treated to a live musical performance by the popular band Samba de Gaveta. This Brazilian samba quintet regularly performs a repertoire of traditional songs, recalling some of the greatest hits of the 60's, 70's and 80's.

The bar side

After a delicious dinner, head over to the bar area and dive into a caipirinha, Brazill's national cocktail. The bar is also well-known as one of the only bars in the area serving Brahma Chopp beer, poured to perfection. Whether hungry or thirsty, a trip to the Facca Bar is a great way to sample local specialties in a comfortable, fun and distinctive environment.

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