José de Castro Mendes Municipal Theater

Take in a concert, theater or dance performance in contemporary surroundings in this wonderful venue in Campinas.

José de Castro Mendes Municipal Theater, which lies on the scenic square Praça Correia de Lemos in the Industrial Village, reopened in 2012 and is a cultural hotspot in the city.

With a main capacity of 760 seats, there's plenty of space in this modern complex to enjoy a variety of excellent displays of artistic expression relevant to the locale, on its Italian-style stage.

History of  José de Castro Mendes Municipal Theater

The theater was originally built to replace the previous Municipal Theater in Campinas, five years after its demolition.

It was adapted from the old cinema building, Cine Casablanca in the Industrial Village. This happened after a collective of artists from the city, including the Tenor Cesar Antonio d'Ottaviano, Tarcisio Pieroni, Luiz Mazali Filho, Maria Tereza and Quintino de Godoy petitioned the mayor.

It was inaugurated in 1974, to mark the centenary of the first performance of the Opera "O Guarany," by Antônio Carlos Gomes, at the Alla Scalla theater in Milan.

In 2007 the Teatro Municipal, after being completely abandoned, was closed for renovations. The five year process included a brand new facade designed by architect Otto Felix.

It reopened on the 5th of December and now has modern acoustics and makes a fantastic venue for performing arts. The theater has seven individual dressing rooms, two collective dressing rooms and three large rehearsal rooms in this state-of-the-art environment for performers.

Visiting the theater

Enjoy a top-class performance at the Teatro Municipal José de Castro Mendes, the largest and main public theater in the city of Campinas. From theater to dance, and music concerts to opera, the center provides a multitude of options for visitors to enjoy.

The opera performances are accompanied by the much loved Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of Campinas, who also host their own performances at the theater.

You'll be struck by the outstanding architecture of this building, with its slanting facade which looks beautiful especially when lit up at night. Inside, modern lighting features add an exciting element to the interiors as you enjoy an evening of performances.

You can visit the theater by heading to the Praça Correia de Lemos, a lovely square with its distinctive bandstand in the center, in the Industrial Village of Campinas. There is parking available next to the theater after being added to the site in 2014.

A trip to this theater is a great way to spend an evening in Campinas when visiting the city.

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