Alexandra Road

Take a foodie tour in Richmond at this three-block community of Asian restaurants. Alexandra Road, also known as "Food Street" or "Wai Sek Kai," is famous for serving amazing Asian food. The tempting neighborhood is at the heart of the Golden Village and, during peak hours, is filled with hungry foodies looking for delectable dishes. 

The highest concentration of restaurants anywhere in the city, visitors can take their pick from 200 dining venues in the best tasting suburb in British Columbia. 

Visiting Alexandra 

Road Teeming with traffic, this neighborhood is best explored on foot. Leave the car and take the Canada Line to Aberdeen or Landsdowne Station and make the short walk to Alexandra Road. Wander up the street, a maze of open-air malls, each one with a variety of eateries selling everything under the sun, from pho to dim sum and sushi to noodles. There are also some standalone restaurants dotted along the street, which cater for the higher end of the market. It's advised to bring cash as many of the restaurants don't take cards, while you should expect to tip around 10-15%. Please note, some of them do not serve alcohol. You can visit the street at anytime, from breakfast to dinner there will be options available to you should you wish. 

Oriental showcase 

The sheer variety of cuisines is notable here, with Cantonese, Japanese, Hong Kong, Thai, Korean and even some European restaurants selling their delicious foods from around the world. Richmond's population is around 65% Asian due to an immigrant boom in the 1970's and half of that is Chinese, making it the largest Chinese population outside of mainland China. In recent years, increasing numbers of restaurants are attracted by the success of the neighborhood and have moved here to add their own culinary expertise. This intense competition on the street keeps standards incredibly high, so you are bound to find high quality eats along your way through it. 

Popular restaurants 

With more than 200 options to choose from, you may feel intimidated by the sheer wealth of choice, these restaurants are well known for their quality food. Haroo is a small and friendly Korean restaurant, serving side banchan (side dishes) alongside kimchi fried rice and buchimgae (pancakes). Claypot Hot Pot, a three-tier Chinese restaurant serves hot pots in a tower on your table, giving you the choice of broths, grilled and steamed foods, as well as Chinese beers to compliment the taste. If Ramen is on your list, then look no further than G-Men Ramen. The buzzing eatery serves traditional varieties as well as interesting new takes on ramen, with a range of tasty toppings. 

Wherever you choose to dine, Alexandra Road has a plethora of popular and lively restaurants serving delicious food to sample. Enjoy your own mini-foodie tour with the convenience of staying in one easy-to-explore suburb.

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