Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park

Enjoy encounters with dolphins, sea otters and more at Canada's largest aquarium. The Vancouver Aquarium is home to more than 70,000 sea and land creatures and offers close encounters with the animals. 

The sealife center is widely respected for its marine research and you can learn from many exhibits about the region's diverse marine life. Situated in the middle of Stanley Park just outside downtown Vancouver, the aquarium first opened in 1956 and has a worldwide reputation as a leader in the field. It has since tripled in size with a massive expansion in 1967. 

A variety of wildlife at Vancouver 

Aquarium More than one million people visit this sealife center every year and it's easy to see why. Admire the sheer diversity of their animal collection, which includes dolphins, whales, sea otters, snakes, eels and sloths. It contains many species native to the Pacific Northwest, giving a local perspective to the aquarium. Hop through the "Frogs Forever?" exhibit, which features 22 species of frogs, toads and salamanders and talks talks about the extinction many amphibian species face. 

There are also exhibits about butterflies, Arctic creatures, tropical waters, the British Columbia coast and more. Get close to the animals and the people who train them with their fantastic encounters program. Help to feed and train sea creatures like dolphins, sea lions and sea turtles and see their natural habitats for yourself. It's recommended you make reservations for these daily programs as they are a popular feature. 

Unique marine life displays and education 

Experience sea life in 4D at with the aquarium's state-of-the-art theater system. Enjoy sensory effects like mist, lighting, wind and even smells that accompany some of the best-loved nature documentaries in the world. There's also the chance to see a number of entertaining and informative shows throughout the year. Watch dolphin demonstrations, reef shark performances, as well as educational talks that focus on conservation and habitats, among other things. A leader in aquatic sciences, it offers school lessons and visit options, which include student sleepovers and teacher resources for the classroom. 

It also aims to educate the general public about the problems with overfishing and the threat of mass extinction of various species due to climate change. It's created worthwhile initiatives such as the Adopt a Whale program, while they also offer toll-free numbers to report wildlife sightings. It has also created Ocean Wise, an organization that certifies sustainably harvested seafood to guide consumers where to buy from.

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