Claireville Conservation Area

Escape to this forest retreat just outside Brampton and enjoy scenic hikes, birdwatching, and horse rides. Claireville Conservation Area is an 848-acre protected site that runs through Peel Region and Toronto, filled with beautiful flora and fauna for all to see. Take a walk here or bring a picnic and enjoy this incredible slice of nature within easy reach of the city.

Wondrous wildlife in Claireville Conservation Area

Claireville is a popular destination for local birdwatchers, walkers, and bikers. There's little wonder why; the natural landscape here includes wetlands, valleys, forests, grasslands, and the west branch of the Humber River and its tributaries. Many interesting species call the park their home, including the eastern coyote, chimney crayfish, deer, muskrat, and common garter snake. For birders, it's a paradise. Some species use the park as a stop on their migratory route, while others make their permanent home here. Look for the likes of the eastern meadowlark, the blue jay, and the Savannah sparrow in the open meadows. In the forest, you might spot a rose-breasted grosbeak, the American robin, or a woodpecker. In the ponds, marshes, and rivers, you'll find wood ducks, bank swallows, and mallards among others. If fishing is more your thing, then you'll be thrilled by the variety of species living in the waterways. Commonly found fish include the brown bullhead, carp, and largemouth bass.

Get active in nature

Enjoy a variety of fun activities in this exceptional and unspoiled green area. Head for the Claireville Ranch for scenic horse rides through the region. They have horses for everyone, from beginners to the more advanced riders. Trotting through the forests and plains on your trusty steed, you'll never feel closer to the natural environment. Take advantage of technology to enjoy a self-guided tour around this unique landscape. Using your smartphone, you'll learn about the tree species you see along the way, and discover the rich heritage of Claireville Conservation Area. Whether making your way round on foot, by bicycle, by horse, or by any other means please be aware that this this is an unsupervised conservation area. Hiking trails are often not clearly marked and there are no washroom facilities available. Please ensure you follow the trail rules and etiquette as you go, to make sure this serene and pristine wild landscape is kept that way for other visitors. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and any mess they create should be cleaned up. There is limited parking available at the Highway 50 entrance north of Steeles Ave.

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