Pablo Fierro Museum

Enter a museum with a difference at this nostalgic historical space. Pablo Fierro Museum tells the story of two cultures meeting in a unique and enchanting way, with the personal collection and recollections of the famous artist owner. The museum, which lies on the waterfront of Lake Llanquihue in Puerto Varas, was created by Pablo Fierro, a well-known artist who also gives tours around the collection. Founded in 2002, the museum crammed with items is a must-visit attraction for those interested in the region's history and colonialism's effects on local culture and lifestyle. It's become famous for being a refuge for the urban past, preserving the memory of a simpler life and the architectural wealth and skill of local carpenters, inherited from German pioneers.

Pablo Fierro's beguiling museum

Explore the first and second floors of this grand house museum, bursting with photographs, paintings, and more that examine how the German culture met Chilota customs. Pablo Fierro has collected artifacts from this era of colonization, such as old magazines and newspapers, an old mailbox and home utensils. There are also many of his paintings that fill the walls of the house, displaying the architecture of the big residences of this particular era, giving you an idea of their splendor.

Hands-on experience

You certainly won't find signs warning you "Don't Touch!" within this special museum. Visitors are encouraged to pick up and examine items, to get a better look and feel of them. To guide you around this house of treasures is the owner himself, who shares his passion for this period in history and leaves you with an impression of the emotional impact of it on the country. The friendly host is on hand to answer any questions you might have and even tell you how the museum's collection was put together and administered. Let Pablo talk you through the process of colonization and the changes that have happened in the area since the immigrants first arrived.

Your visit to the museum

The building is an attraction in itself. Climb its grand wooden staircase and head out on the balcony, which occupies the whole front of the building, to enjoy stunning panoramic views of Lake Llanquihue and the Osorno Volcano. The museum can be found along the waterfront of Lake Llanquihue. It's possible to purchase some of Pablo Fierro's artworks to help support the work of the museum, a fantastic and memorable souvenir to bring home with you.

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