Santuario de la Naturaleza El Arrayán

Take a day trip to enjoy the surroundings of the Andes Mountain by visiting the Santuario de la Naturaleza El Arrayán in the town of Lo Barnechea. It is the perfect place near to the city to unwind and be close to nature.

Things to do

Find games for children, picnic areas, and conveniences to make your own barbecue with delicious meat from the South American region.

At the sanctuary, you will get the opportunity to interact with the wildlife and plants commonly found in this Chilean region close to the Andes mountains. It is a perfect place to hike or do some mountain biking, although, it is suggested you have some experience if you are going to cycle the steep trails.

Enjoy the footbridges and the wooden walking paths, while you disconnect and relax from the hustle of the capital.

Activities inside the sanctuary

Elsewhere, take a lime bath at ‘Los Baños de la Cal' – a facility located inside the heart of the sanctuary. To access the place, walk past the picnic zone for about 1.4km.

The Hot Springs offers warm pools with a constant temperature of 20ºC, every day of the year. These springs have exceptional healing properties for the skin and aching joints. Plus, the water is drinkable and holds beneficial minerals for the body. It goes without saying, that this paradise deserves your visit.

If you are feeling more adventurous, try out the paintball game center. It is located in a house known as ‘the little castle' that was built in 1960. It was abandoned for years but now it hosts fun for everyone.

Getting there

The sanctuary is located in the town of Lo Barnechea – a 30-minute drive from the city center of Santiago.

If you are walking from the town, reach the main entrance by departing from Plaza San Enrique and walking down the Pastor Fernandes street until you turn left in Camino El Cajon.

In the entrance, you will find a sign that indicates how to get to the picnic area, but if you wish to go to the paintball center take the other path opposite to the river flow. It leads you to the little hill where it is set (approx. 1km).

Good to know before going

The sanctuary opens from 9:00 to 20:00. There's a small entrance fee. Toilet amenities are available.

Both the Paintball and the hot Springs require an additional cost.

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