Teatro Municipal de Las Condes

Santiago is known for its elegant wine and its picturesque surroundings. When you are visiting the Chilean capital, take a stroll down the marvelous and broad Avenida Apoquindo in Las Condes – Santiago's most high-end neighborhood. You will notice a modern glass building with marble white columns surrounded by palm trees.

This eye-catching structure is the municipal theater, offering national and international performances. Check out their online program and enjoy a night filled with entertainment.

Contemporary architecture

The new theater was an initiative driven by the Chilean government to promote culture and arts in the capital. No theater had been built for 153 years when the construction began in 2007.

When designing the project, architects Eduardo San Martín and Pedro Gastón Pascal got inspiration from other theaters in the world such as the Teatro Solís in Montevideo, Uruguay and the Ohio theater in the United States.

The theater enjoys today excellent acoustics due to the careful architecture and technology implanted during construction. The floor of the stage was purposefully built to enhance the sound of movements of the actors and dancers – fundamental for performances such as ballet and tango.

The theater offers a seating capacity of 809 comfortable seats.

The opening night

It was finally inaugurated in August 2010 after three years of construction. The opening night was one to celebrate and to demonstrate all the features of the new theater with a variety of presentations.

The program kicked off with a musical performance by the Orchestra of the Chilean Camera. Then came a video screening from the National Institute of Ballet, the jazz sextet of Cristian Cuturrufo, the musical of My Fair Lady and to wrap up a performance by the choir of the University of Chile.

The acts made evident what a wonderful work was accomplished by the designers and constructors of the structure.

What's on

The theater offers a diverse repertoire from ballet to musicals, concerts, circus, comedies from Europe, plays from Arthur Miller, even tango shows with performers from Argentina and Uruguay.

The shows they offer are both local productions and from all parts of the world, as they want to keep the program exciting.

There is something for every taste, so check online to see what's on while you visit Santiago.

Take note

Make sure you arrive with time to the theater, as access is not permitted once the play has started. Tickets can be purchased online, and there's no need to print them, a smartphone screenshot is enough.

Food is not allowed inside the hall, however, enjoy a meal at the in-house restaurant.

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