Golf Club Granadilla

Club de Campo Granadilla was established by two British businessmen in 1897 that were committed to trade and industry in the city of Valparaiso, the southern port of pacific. The golf club was originally named Valparaiso Golf Club. Designed by the founders of the club more than 120 years ago, its 18-hole course is one of the most challenging courses in South America, which includes holes with all kinds of difficulties, given by the spectacular environment surrounded by unique and verdant vegetation that deserve maximum focus.

History of the Golf Club

Back when the club was established, the golf course was structured with only 9 holes. In 1920 an extension of the land in the hills called ‘' La Granadilla'' was purchased, and for the first time the 18-hole golf course was established, which was inaugurated in 1922. In the next 40 years, Chilean members began to direct and coordinate the activities of Granadila, changing things as significant as holding assemblies in Spanish, maturing after the strong British influence that predominated in the early years. In the 80's Granadilla was positioned even more in the national and international golf environment through the quality of its players and the celebration of renowned tournaments such as the ‘' Abierto de Verano'' and ‘' Copa Saint Andrew'', Championships of the Clubs and family events. The most recent event was organized in 2010 by the Golf Federation of Chile and the Tour de Las Americas when Granadilla hosted the 84th edition of the Abierto de Chile Copa BCI.

Modern facilities

Being one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the country, to maintain the quality of services that it offers to its members, La Granadilla has developed in present years a project of renovation and expansion of facilities that will deliver more benefits for the current and future members of the club. Some of the new facilities include Squash courts, Paddle Tennis, new dressing rooms, more parking lots, location of a dining room with a variety of dishes and spacious and large terraces that can be used for special events and activities.

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