Flint RiverQuarium

Explore the flora and fauna of the River Flint when visiting Albany. It is a fantastic center to educate visitors and children on the value of our Earth's natural resources.

The foundation

The Aquarium was built after the floods of 1994 when there was a need to research and cope with the aftermath of the flooding generated by tropical storm Alberto, which made the Flint river rise to unprecedented heights that resulted in deaths and a lot of damage to the surroundings.

Therefore, the RiverQuarium was established as an attraction but mainly as a center to educate future residents of the area about the river. Overall, it is a dedication to study the geologic, hydrologic, ecologic and the climate of the River Flint and generate awareness.

What you'll see

A visit to the aquarium provides entertaining interactive experiences that will appeal to both adults and children. In the Flint River gallery discover everything you need to know about the river and what beings live there – these are showcased in water tanks for a vivid demonstration.

The Blue Hole Spring is perhaps one of the standouts. The 175 gallon and 22-foot deep spring is home to some of the most remarkable species of Georgia's underworld. There are different viewpoints where you will be able to spot some of the 120 species of fishes, whether it is from the surface or in the panoramic walk.

Among the species, you'll get to see catfish, sunfish and the lovely spotted garfish, whose skin looks like the one of a giraffe.

Find also different turtles such as the Florida Soft Shell Turtle or the Red-eared Slider – one of the kinds that occupy the river Flint.

Elsewhere, visit the Spring Run Creek to explore the habitat of alligators and the Cypress Pond Aviary, home to some of the birds that live in the river.

Lastly, make sure you stop by the gift shop tank if you feel like taking a new pet home!

Movie time

The center also has an imagination theater opened on Saturdays and Sundays. The movies vary from time to time but are usually interesting documentaries that tell the stories of different animals. Make sure you check their website to see what movie is on during your visit and the times of the screening.

Sleep at the Aquarium

The center offers a sleepover for kids from 6 to 11 years old. Children get to camp at the aquarium and see the fishes at night. A guided tour and a movie screening are included as well as dinner and breakfast.

Other events take place regularly at the aquarium. Find more information on their website.

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