DeKlomp Wooden Shoe & Delft Factory

Watch the expert craftsmanship of the DeKlomp artists as they make their famous wooden shoes and Delftware pottery in this authentic production center. 

The DeKlomp Wooden Shoe & Delft Factory gives visitors the opportunity to see how these exquisite items are made in an authentic Dutch way in Holland, Michigan. The only production facility of these products in North America, they offer a variety of wooden shoes made in the traditional Dutch style and over 300 different hand painted Dutch pottery pieces. 

Authentically Dutch 

The Dutch translation of 'wooden shoes' is 'De Klomp,' therefore giving the name for this factory. Follow in fascination as the shoe maker produces wooden shoes from poplar wood using authentic Dutch machinery that's still used in Europe today and designed especially for making wooden shoes. In fact, the hand carver was trained and certified in the Netherlands. Their helpful and knowledgeable staff will explain the production process to you as they carve. These great shoes can be purchased, and aren't just made to be souvenirs. They can be used for many different situations and can be customized in many ways. The factory produces shoes from a tiny doll's size, up to a size 14 adult shoe. 

Hand-painted pottery 

After trying on and purchasing your new wooden shoes, it's time to look over the De Klomp's selection of authentic Delft pottery. The Netherlands started to produce blue and white Delft pottery during the sixteenth century, when imported Chinese porcelain was too expensive. The finest examples of these Dutch ceramic products were produced in Delft. De Klomp is the only place in North America that makes authentic Delft pottery, and the only place outside the Netherlands where this earthenware is painted by hand using the genuine Delft blue glaze. 

Observe the captivating process of pouring the liquid clay into molds, firing the clay at 2,000 degrees and then talk to the artists as they hand paint Dutch designs and glaze each item for the perfect shine. Their pottery is, naturally, available for purchase. 

Bring home a unique item 

But De Klomp doesn't just sell wooden shoes and Delftware. The store sells over 800 international items, including pastries, cookies and tulip bulbs. Hundreds of items have been hand painted by De Klomp's trained staff who are always available to answer any questions as you browse their huge selection. 

If you're staying near to Holland, Michigan, the DeKlomp Wooden Shoe & Delft Factory is an interesting experience and prime shopping location for everyone to enjoy.

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