Holland Museum

The best way to get acquainted with Holland, Michigan is to take a crash course in its fascinating history-and there's no better place for this than the Holland Museum. Visit Holland Museum, located in a landmark, neo-classical former Post Office building next to Centennial Park. The Holland Museum also operates two historic house museums: the Cappon House and the Settlers House museums. 

Little Holland 

On its main floor, follow the story of Holland's settlement with the permanent exhibition "From Settlement to City," reflecting Holland's diverse history and multi-ethnic population. Experience the arrival of the Dutch in 1847, their struggle for access to Lake Michigan, the devastating fire of 1871, and the amazing story of Holland's rise from the ashes, the birth of Tulip Time, the war years of courage and commitment, and the burgeoning economic growth that continues today. Expand your knowledge of Holland going through the temporary and traveling exhibits, shown in the Wichers Gallery. The new Dutch Galleries, encompassing the second floor, feature 600 years of Dutch art and culture. 

The Archives and Research Library on the lower level houses the museum's collection of books, papers and photographs related to Holland's history. 

Vast collections of Dutch artifacts

Spin around the elegant 2nd floor galleries that house the museum's extensive Dutch Collection of Fine & Decorative Arts. For nearly three-quarters of a century, the Holland Museum has received impressive gifts of Dutch culture from local donors and around the world. Recent donations of Dutch paintings have led the museum to create the New Dutch Galleries, which feature a spectacular collection of 17th, 18th, and 19th century art and culture of the Netherlands: admire over 55 seventeenth to twentieth century Dutch paintings, and more than 170 cultural objects such as Delftware, silver, Dutch costumes and fine furniture. 

The Cappon and Settlers Houses 

A few blocks to the West, complete your Dutch tour with The Cappon and Settlers Houses, which tell the authentic stories of Holland's earliest settlers with the beautifully preserved and restored living environments of Holland's first mayor and a common worker's family. Built in 1874, The Capppon House is a restored Italianate Victorian and was home to the local tannery proprietor and first mayor of Holland, Isaac Cappon and his 16 children. A few doors down is the Settlers House, a quaint cottage and example of the everyday working-class settler. 

Thomas and Anna Morrissey House, also known as the Settlers House offers a stark contrast to the grandeur of the Victorian styled Cappon House and gives historical perspective to the economic class of the early 1900's.

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