North Dakota State University

Discover the North Dakota State University, a place filled with pride and tradition, where future leaders are educated. You will be also visiting an important landmark of the city of Fargo – the university has been a key instrument of history and has had a big impact on its citizens.

Founded in 1883, it used to be mainly an agricultural college, expanding to scientific research later. For this it has received numerous awards from the National Science Foundation. And it's known as the first university that offers a degree in aircraft systems operations and programs in aerospace.

To feel the student atmosphere, stroll around the magnificent 260-acre campus. You will stumble upon the following sights, which represent the rich past of the university.

Top Sights

In the campus, you will find about 240 buildings named after people which had an influence in the university or monuments that mark a time in the history of the university. 

The Old Main, known before as the College Hall, was the first building constructed, giving rise to the university complex. Nowadays is home to the administrative offices. The Glenn Hill Statue was built in honor to Professor Hill for inspiring scientists and engineering students in the Department of Mathematics from 1927 to 1967.

There are plenty of memorials on the campus to honor the work of different leaders. Loftsgard memorial was dedicated to Laurel D. Loftsgard – NDSU first alumnus to serve as president. Dennis Colliton Memorial is a beautiful cascade located between the South Engineering and Agricultural and Bio-systems Engineering.

To pay tribute to the time when the Dakota territory was divided into two states, you will find the Dakota Marker, a trophy that represents the replica of the monuments that divided the North and South Dakota border near Sioux Falls.

The Dakota plaza known as the Grandmother Earth's Gift of Life Garden is a beautiful green open-space that was built to praise the American Indians. It features a variety of native North Dakota plants.

The Anti-Tank Gun from WWII sitting on the southeast entrance will catch your eye due to its size – weighs about 10,000 pounds. It was placed there in memory of the veterans' contribution to the college. You will probably run into two bison statues along the way as they are hard to miss. The bison plays a big part in the image of the university. It's not only on its song but, it is the mascot too.

Every university has a mascot

Thundar the fearless bison is the current mascot of the North Dakota University; however, it is the third one in the history of mascots. As the university in its origins was agriculture-focused, the first mascot was Farmers. In the 1900s it changed to Aggies and finally, in search of a more intimidating animal to represent the basketball team, a Bison was chosen and was named Thundar. With plenty to marvel at, you ought to stop by this massive university!

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