The Children's Museum at Yunker Farm

The Museum offers a wide variety of special events and outreach programs in a home-like atmosphere that is a perfect exploration day for both the entire family. 

The Children's Museum provides a fun and thrilling setting for discovery and instills a desire for learning - presenting materials in an unusual, challenging, and unique way.

Check out the fresh new fun and familiar favorites of the day and see why

The Children's Museum at Yunker Farm has been recognized as one of the top twenty-five children's museum in America by Child Magazine and Fargo's most popular destination for a family outing. There are many activity areas to explore including the Construction Zone/ Body Building which gives visitors the opportunity to the museum's "body" of friends including Boss E. Brain, Hearts A. Beaton, Skinny the Skeleton, Seamore Inside and Phil Will Flip. From there take the kids on a journey through Tube Tunes where they'll have the opportunity to shake rattle and roll with the science of sound in a totally tubular experience. Next up, get creative with Funky Faces and explore your own imagination via our magnetic marvels.

Express yourself 

Be it happy, silly, sad, or mad, draw your own expressions & impressions as you challenge the kids to create the funkiest face of all. Your imagination exploration continues with Imagine That! where guests will have the chance to transform into a beautiful princess and create your very own theatrical play. Ever wonder what takes place inside a bee hive? Get the chance to see the inside of a live bee hive where busy worker bees are actively engaged in following the queen bee's instructions. 

Become a bee and crawl through a huge hive! 

Take the entire family on a fun-filled

Look Into Infinity and discover the world of reflections. Go inside the triangle and gaze at the vast number of self-reflections. Take a dive Under the Sea and enjoy a wonderful fantasy land or go star watching at the Planetarium. Explore the universe and see how well you do at finding the constellation or try your musical skills at Tunes for Two. You'll have a blast playing the antique pump organ with a partner as one person plays and the other person pumps the pedals. All music is color-coded so you don't have to know how to read music to create music. 

With tons more activities to explore, round-out your day on the Yunkie Express, taking a trip around the beautiful grounds.