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Our advantages

At Radisson Hotel Group Americas, our comprehensive support helps owners and franchisees achieve their goals.

We're here to help every step of the way

Radisson Hotel Group Americas provides essential support at every stage of your hotel’s development, from concept planning to opening and ongoing operation. Explore the tabs below to learn more about the advantages of growing with Radisson Hotel Group Americas.

Development phase

We offer an exceptional in-house support team with the expertise and experience needed to make our partners’ ideas a reality. Working in tandem with you and external consultants, our specialists focus on customized solutions that maximize project efficiency. We’ll optimize each hotel’s space and provide innovative technical solutions to issues like IT integration or management and distribution systems. Together, we’ll plan how your vision can come to life.
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Project definition and space planning

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Not every hotel is the same, so whether we’re working with new builds or conversion properties, we start by tailoring solutions to each project’s unique needs. Our team provides customized guidance to help align your hotel facilities with market demand and our brand standards. Plus, we offer advice on optimizing operational flow throughout your hotel with better design and space management.

Project management

In addition to offering personalized support during the planning stage, we help your hotel achieve the value propositions we’ve committed to, whether that’s providing the best possible guest experience or optimizing your property’s revenue for its market. There’s often a big difference between how a hotel should work and how it actually works. We help our partners bridge that gap through the right franchise and management services for each unique situation.
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Signing on with Radisson Hotel Group Americas grants you access to a managed, responsible supply network built to service markets across the world. Under a negotiated corporate agreement, owners have at their fingertips a comprehensive list of furniture, fixtures, equipment, and operating supply products and services. Our professional supply chain management team helps you source what you need while our world-class e-procurement platform simplifies the whole procurement process, reduces costs, and creates value.

Future openings

A strong launch is key to a hotel’s success, so we make sure to help you secure business prior to opening. We provide thoughtful promotional and marketing programs to support your outreach, and we continue to invest in data intelligence and marketing. With a variety of dedicated pre-opening activities, we build excitement around your opening.
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Managed hotels

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We’re proud to offer expert support and personalized value propositions for owners of our managed hotels at Radisson Hotel Group Americas. Our services include support from key experts in revenue management, online distribution, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and operations. You’re sure to get the most out of your property under our care.

Franchise services

As highly valued team members, our franchisees receive customized support from our experts at Radisson Hotel Group Americas. We provide each owner with a dedicated Franchise Service Specialist who offers assistance and connects you to company resources. Additionally, our Regional Directors are available for consultations with owners, general managers, management companies, and sales teams. They also provide planning and on-site visits to assist with operations, sales, revenue management, quality/guest experience, and training.
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Our people

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At Radisson Hotel Group Americas, we know that people are at the heart of our successful hospitality business. We’re committed to providing an amazing hotel experience to our guests through individualized service and thoughtful care. In addition, we believe that investing in our own talent through career development programs and ethical business practices will result in future growth. With each dedicated team member a brand ambassador, we turn our guests into our most passionate brand advocates.

Revenue generation

We aim to increase your hotel’s reach and revenue through a focus on five areas: creating demand, capturing online business, leveraging the guest experience, driving meetings and events, and optimizing rates. Our experienced teams offer you assistance, including support in consistent branding, partnerships with third parties such as travel agencies, expertise in areas like sales and digital marketing, and access to a revenue management system. Let us help you create engaging conversations that drive customers’ loyalty and passion for our unique offerings.
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Create demand

We aim to increase your hotel’s reach and revenue through multiple channels, such as partnerships with online travel agencies and other third parties. Thanks to our recognizable brands, a robust and successful rewards program, meetings offerings, and an expert panel of advisors, the possibilities for growth are endless. Together, we can create long-term customer relationships driven by trust in our satisfying guest experiences and passion for our unique offerings.
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Meetings & Events

We’ve realigned our Sales and Distribution resources internationally to deliver a clear strategy across our brands and put our customers center stage. Our sales team focuses on Business Travel, Meetings & Events, and Leisure segments. By putting events and meetings at the center of what we do, the team aims to produce steady revenue growth from this sector.
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Optimize rate

Radisson Hotel Group Americas also offers Advance Revenue Management System capabilities powered by IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (G3 RMS), which helps hotels compete by automatically delivering revenue-maximizing decisions daily. These decisions let your team review and manage tactical decisions on an exception-only basis. As a result, hotels can focus more on strategic revenue decisions and guest experience. As the world of data analytics evolves, we’re continuing to migrate to a business intelligence model to better analyze performance, identify potential opportunities and/or challenges, and evaluate associated activities and solutions to help drive revenue.
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Leverage guest experience

We believe that optimal guest experiences are key to our success, so we’re focused on building stronger relationships with customers across the board. To make that happen, we consistently deliver on our brand promise, Every Moment Matters, and leverage our customer experience management initiative. Additionally, we provide an integrated communications and PR strategy that shares unique content with a consistent brand message and corporate purpose across media and social channels. These multiplatform campaigns drive stakeholder engagement and position you as an industry leader.
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Capture online business

Our team of digital experts helps you create innovative multichannel campaigns that share relevant news and content to promote customer engagement. While we aim to optimize online revenue through increased traffic on our brand.com websites, we also help you choose the web-based platforms, mobile sites, and applications that will best drive direct online business to your individual hotel.

Radisson Rewards

Our loyalty program, Radisson Rewards, provides members with an enhanced experience from time of booking to check-out. Members enjoy Member Only Rates and access to exclusive benefits, and can earn free nights across the Radisson Hotel Group Americas portfolio of hotels. Additionally, Radisson Rewards for Business, our loyalty program for our professional partners, lets travel agents, meeting and event planners, and travel arrangers for small- or medium-sized enterprises earn valuable rewards for bookings with all our Radisson Hotel Group Americas brands.
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Radisson Meetings

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At Radisson Hotel Group Americas, our brand motto, Every Moment Matters, applies to meetings and events too. We give our hotels the training and tools they need to truly make a difference through dedicated professional events teams, quality equipment and setup, and personalized touches like carefully crafted menus and customized meeting decor. Clients can rest assured that their meeting or event will be one to remember.

Responsible Business

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At Radisson Hotel Group Americas, we believe that caring for people, our communities, and the planet is essential to our business success and part of our responsibility as citizens of this world. We start at home, offering career development opportunities to our talent and encouraging them to get involved in community outreaches. Additionally, we’ve created an employment program for at-risk youth in our communities, and we regularly partner with not-for-profit organizations like SOS Children’s Villages to help local communities thrive. Of course, thriving communities need a healthy planet, so we’ve also committed to transparent sustainability efforts as a key part of our mission. Learn more about our partners, programs, and protocols for pursuing Responsible Business.