Discover things to do in Emporia and the Greensville County area

During your stay in Emporia, you’ll find plenty of family-friendly things to do near your comfortable room at the Country Inn & Suites, from visiting nearby historical sites to boating on Lake Gaston. Let the kids burn off energy at the playground in Meherrin River Park, or step back in time with a tour of the elegant Village View Mansion House. History buffs will also enjoy exploring the two historic districts near downtown Emporia, about five minutes away. If you’re in town in September, check out the Virginia Peanut Festival, one of the state’s most popular seasonal events.

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Lake Gaston

21.74 mi / 34.99 km from the hotel
Boat, fish, or picnic on the shores of Lake Gaston. The lake boasts 350 miles of shoreline and offers plenty of activities both on the water and in the nearby towns.

Belfield and Hicksford Historic Districts

0.69 mi / 1.1 km from the hotel
Visit these two historic areas, which were once separate townships before Emporia was founded. Now on the National Register, the neighborhoods are great places to explore and admire architecture from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Fort Christanna

17.57 mi / 28.27 km from the hotel
Acting as a defense and a trading post, this colonial-era site near the Meherrin River also housed a school for Native American children. Explore its intriguing history as you walk along the trail outlining the former fort.

Greensville County Courthouse

1.04 mi / 1.67 km from the hotel
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this courthouse was built in 1831 and saw fighting during the Civil War.

Meherrin River Park

0.78 mi / 1.26 km from the hotel
With activities ranging from softball games and picnics to fishing and boating, Meherrin River Park is a lovely place to spend an afternoon in the fresh air.

Village View Mansion House

1.45 mi / 2.33 km from the hotel
Get a glimpse of what life was like for a well-to-do Virginia family in the 19th century on a tour of this elegant home, built in the 1790s. Over the course of its history, the mansion served as a school, doctor’s office, and Civil War meeting place.