Find plenty of things to do near Harrisburg like visiting Hersheypark®

During your stay at the Country Inn & Suites, be sure to set aside time to enjoy all the fun things to do near Harrisburg and Hershey. From the roller coasters at Hersheypark® and a hockey game at Giant Center to a tour of the stunning state capitol building, the area’s main attractions are never far when you choose one of our hotel rooms. History buffs will appreciate quick commutes to the National Civil War Museum, and kids of all ages will love the hands-on activities at the Whitaker Center. For some relaxation during your trip, bring a picnic lunch to City Island Park or book a dinner cruise aboard one of the last remaining paddlewheel boats in America.

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The National Civil War Museum

1.92 mi / 3.09 km from the hotel
A Civil War buff’s delight, this fantastic museum tells Civil War history through 3,500 three-dimensional artifacts and 24,000 archival pieces.

City Island Park

3.97 mi / 6.38 km from the hotel
Ride a riverboat, a steamship, or a carriage to experience this 63-acre park. You can also play miniature golf, enjoy a picnic, practice your swing in the batting cages, or admire the view while you picnic.

Giant Center

7.96 mi / 12.81 km from the hotel
Watch a Hershey Bears hockey game or check the schedule for a diverse array of events from Disney on Ice to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Harrisburg Doll Museum

2.2 mi / 3.54 km from the hotel
Filled with more than 5,000 antique dolls and toys, this museum looks like a life-size Victorian dollhouse and is a treat for all ages.


8.73 mi / 14.05 km from the hotel
Find endless entertainment at Hersheypark’s four parks. Ride roller coasters, fly down waterslides, visit zoo animals, and taste delicious chocolate treats.
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Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center

3.35 mi / 5.39 km from the hotel
With 11 halls and three arenas, this 24-acre venue hosts a wide variety of events each year, from trade shows to sports, craft shows, and concerts. It’s home to The Pennsylvania Farm Show, the unofficial state fair. Check out what’s on while you’re in town.

The Pride of the Susquehanna

3.92 mi / 6.31 km from the hotel
Built more than 30 years ago, this paddle-wheel riverboat provides a beautiful view of the city skyline along with food, beer and wine tastings, and live entertainment. Book a 45-minute tour, a dinner cruise, or a creatively themed family cruise.

Whitaker Center

3.45 mi / 5.55 km from the hotel
Kids of all ages love getting hands-on in the science exhibits at the Whitaker Center. Don’t miss a showing in the IMAX theater, and check the schedule to see if you’re in town during a live music or dance performance.

Pennsylvania State Capitol

3.51 mi / 5.64 km from the hotel
Tour this historic landmark, considered one of the nation’s most beautiful state capitols. Learn more about Pennsylvania while you enjoy the stunning art and architecture, including a 272-foot dome modeled on St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.