Enjoy family-friendly hotel amenities in Hot Springs, including an indoor pool

When you book at the Country Inn & Suites, Hot Springs, AR off Highway 7, you can take advantage of thoughtful amenities like free Wi-Fi and a free, hot breakfast served in the hotel dining room each morning. To fill downtime between visits to nearby attractions, let your kids splash around in our indoor pool. You can use our guest laundry facilities to keep everyone’s swimwear fresh. Then drop by our lobby to pick up complimentary coffee and cookies and to print out tickets for your next outing in our business center. Staying for a while? We offer extended-stay suites as well as suites with upgrades like a whirlpool. Families appreciate that kids stay free in the same room as an adult.

Accessibility features

If you have any questions about our accessibility features or a request related to a disability, please contact us directly.

  • Automatic door at entrance
  • Elevator available
  • Guide dogs welcome
  • Lower counter at reception area available
  • PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan) available and explained
  • Raised numbers and braille on elevator buttons
  • Staff trained in disability awareness
  • Step-free entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible bathroom in foyer area