Discover a variety of things to do near Verona and downtown Madison

When you stay at the Country Inn & Suites, Madison Southwest, you’re close to Monona Terrace convention center and plenty of things to do in Verona, Fitchburg, and Greater Madison. After a restful night in your room or suite, you can explore the natural beauty of the University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum or spend a day with orangutans and African lions at Henry Vilas Zoo. If you’re a history buff, don’t miss the Wisconsin Historical Museum, which showcases the best of the Badger State through thousands of artifacts. Kids love the hands-on exhibits at Madison Children’s Museum, and guests of all ages enjoy the concerts and sporting events held at Alliant Energy Center.

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Capital Brewery

6.24 mi / 10.04 km from the hotel
Try a staple, seasonal, or limited-release beer at this highly sustainable brewery, and check out the Bier Garten for live music and entertainment if you’re visiting between April and October.

Henry Vilas Zoo

5.04 mi / 8.11 km from the hotel
Visit animals from five different continents free of charge at this community-sponsored zoo. Residents include American bison, capybaras, and rhinoceroses.

Madison Children’s Museum

6.74 mi / 10.85 km from the hotel
Visit the past in the log cabin, unearth the secrets to sustainability in the Urb Garden, and get your hands on the interactive exhibits in “Possible-opolis” at Madison Children’s Museum.

Monona Terrace

6.67 mi / 10.73 km from the hotel
Attend a concert, an exhibition, or a banquet on Lake Monona’s shore at Monona Terrace, a convention center designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

University of Wisconsin–Madison

5.8 mi / 9.34 km from the hotel
See a Badgers game or catch one of the seasonal events on campus at this 936-acre university.

Wisconsin State Capitol Tour

6.64 mi / 10.69 km from the hotel
Experience the grandeur of Wisconsin’s Capitol building with free tours, offered daily. Groups of 10 or more can make reservations online.

Alliant Energy Center

5.6 mi / 9.01 km from the hotel
This massive complex features a 10,000-person coliseum, heated pavilions, 164 acres of green space, and a 255,000-square-foot exhibition hall. Check the online calendar for upcoming conventions, concerts, and sporting events.

University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum

2.8 mi / 4.51 km from the hotel
Explore the world of ecological restoration and preservation of woodland, savanna, prairie, and wetland communities at the Arboretum, located on the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s campus.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens

9.31 mi / 14.98 km from the hotel
Journey to the tropics with a visit to Olbrich Botanical Gardens, where you can see a waterfall, birds, orchids, coffee trees, and butterflies. Don’t miss the Thai Pavilion, one of only four Thai pavilions outside of Thailand.

Wisconsin Historical Museum

6.55 mi / 10.55 km from the hotel
Follow the story of Wisconsin from the first Native Americans to the present through thousands of historical objects and archaeological artifacts at this family-friendly museum.

Reddan Soccer Park

2.2 mi / 3.53 km from the hotel
Reddan Soccer Park is an enticing attraction to sports fans, hosting more than 1,200 league games and 700 practices per year on 60 beautifully landscaped acres.

Ten Pin Alley

0.1 mi / 0.16 km from the hotel
Order a cold drink, pick your favorite songs on the jukebox, and bowl the night away at Ten Pin Alley. This popular destination in Fitchburg can also entertain you with its pool tables, dartboards, big-screen TVs, and volleyball courts.