Stay near top things to do around Anápolis like exploring Parque Ambiental Ipiranga

Whether you’re attending business meetings at Unimed or exploring the city with your family, Radisson Hotel Anapolis provides easy access to the most popular things to do around Anápolis. Meet with clients in the nearby business district, pick out souvenirs at Brasil Park Shopping, or cheer for the home team at Estádio Jonas Duarte—all within roughly 10 minutes of the hotel. Want to get some fresh air between outings? You can rent a bike from our front desk and head across the street to Parque Ambiental Ipiranga, a lush green space boasting scenic trails. Before you head home, be sure to pose for a photo in front of the grand fountain at Praça Bom Jesus, an iconic symbol of the city.

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Anápolis Municipal Theatre

0.79 mi / 1.28 km from the hotel
From orchestras and children’s plays to food fairs and dance groups, this cultural center offers a place for the city’s creativity to come alive.

San Francisco Culture and Memory Center

0.26 mi / 0.42 km from the hotel
At this bustling cultural center, you’ll find a theater with a variety of performances, a museum dedicated to the area’s Franciscan heritage, and an event space that’s ideal for art exhibits, pageants, and award shows.

Brasil Park Shopping

1.05 mi / 1.68 km from the hotel
With more than 120 shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, Brasil Park Shopping has something for everyone. When you’re finished browsing, relax with a bag of gourmet popcorn and a Hollywood blockbuster at the movie theater.

Planetário Digital de Anápolis

0.49 mi / 0.79 km from the hotel
Reach for the stars at the city’s premier planetarium, one of the largest in the region. You can watch a movie in the dome theater, peer into a telescope to explore the night sky at the observatory, or take part in one of the exciting programs.

Parque Ambiental Ipiranga

0.14 mi / 0.23 km from the hotel
An urban oasis in the heart of Anápolis, this beautiful green space features walking and biking trails, a tranquil lake with several pedestrian bridges and viewing platforms, and even an orchid nursery.

Praça Bom Jesus

1.22 mi / 1.96 km from the hotel
One of the city’s most popular entertainment districts, Praça Bom Jesus is home to an array of local shops and restaurants. At the center of this thriving area is a grand fountain, one of the most beautiful symbols of Anápolis.