Find a variety of things to do in Belém, from shopping to exploring the Amazon

A stay in our modern guest rooms at Radisson Hotel Maiorana Belem puts you just minutes from souvenir shopping at famous Ver-o-Peso Market and opera performances at the Peace Theater—two of Belém’s top things to do. If you have a full slate of on-site meetings, you can easily take a break at the riverfront Estação das Docas or stroll through Presépio Fort for great views of the city and the Guamá River. Want to introduce your kids to the Amazon rainforest? Head off to the Bosque Rodrigues Alves Amazon Botanical Garden to view monkeys, alligators, and other fascinating indigenous creatures. Attendees of the annual Círio de Nazaré appreciate our location within walking distance of Basilica Santuário de Nazaré.

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Basilica Santuário de Nazaré

0.58 mi / 0.94 km from the hotel
One of Brazil’s architectural wonders, the Basilica of Belém hosts the annual Círio de Nazaré, Brazil’s largest religious event.

Bosque Rodrigues Alves Amazon Botanical Garden

2.88 mi / 4.63 km from the hotel
More than 2,500 native Amazonian species are on display throughout this magnificent botanical garden located in the center of Belém. Visitors can discover animals like parrots, monkeys, and manatees along the park’s tree-shaded paths.

Federal University of Pará

2.82 mi / 4.54 km from the hotel
Founded in 1957, the Federal University of Pará offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. It’s known in northern Brazil as one of the best schools for biology research due to its proximity to the Amazon.

Hangar Convention and Fair Center of the Amazon

3.21 mi / 5.17 km from the hotel
The place for exhibits, shows, and meetings, this state-of-the-art convention center draws thousands to events held throughout the year.

Emílio Goeldi Museum

0.85 mi / 1.38 km from the hotel
Dedicated to the study of ecosystems and the culture of the region, the Emílio Goeldi Museum was founded in 1866, making it the oldest scientific institution in the Amazon.

Peace Theater

0.34 mi / 0.54 km from the hotel
This popular attraction hosts outstanding operatic performances and is considered one of the most important cultural sites in Brazil. Built in 1878, the Peace Theater also features beautiful neoclassical architecture.

Ver-o-Peso Market

1.02 mi / 1.64 km from the hotel
This waterfront market welcomes more than 2,000 merchant stalls selling such wares as native crafts, produce, and other items.

Estação das Docas

0.86 mi / 1.38 km from the hotel
Formerly working docks, this rejuvenated complex offers upscale dining and shopping alongside beautiful riverfront views.

Mangal das Garças

1.27 mi / 2.04 km from the hotel
At this lush botanical park along Belém’s riverfront, you can admire a wide variety of regional flora, visit a butterfly house and an aviary, and enjoy a tasty meal at the on-site restaurant. A viewing tower also offers a panoramic look at the city and the river.

Presépio Fort

1.1 mi / 1.77 km from the hotel
Discover Belém’s past when you visit this fort built by the Portuguese in 1616. Restored in the 1980s, the building offers great views of the city. You can also tour the on-site museum, which highlights both colonial and indigenous history.

Combú Island

3.91 mi / 6.29 km from the hotel
Take a boat ride out to this island in the middle of the Guamá River. You can tour a chocolate-making factory, enjoy the island’s beautiful rainforest environment, and sit back for a delicious meal at one of several dining establishments.

Utinga State Park

3.86 mi / 6.22 km from the hotel
Hike or bike the trails that wind through this beautiful park surrounding Lake Água Preta. Carefully preserved as part of the city’s water supply, the park offers a quiet and rich look at the Amazonian biome.