Explore fun things to do near La Boquilla Beach, such as visiting the Walled City

Located in view of the Caribbean Sea, Radisson Cartagena Ocean Pavillion Hotel offers quiet rooms and suites near some of the city’s best things to do. Step outside to spend a lazy day on La Boquilla Beach, where you can swim, snorkel, or try windsurfing if you’re feeling adventurous. For a taste of the city’s unique culture, head to the Walled City to stroll cobblestone streets, admire 16th-century architecture, and enjoy upscale shops and restaurants. You can also learn more about the region’s history with a visit to sites like San Felipe de Barajas Castle or the Zenú Gold Museum. Looking for evening entertainment? Explore Calle del Arsenal’s bustling nightlife, or enjoy a live performance at Heredia Theater.

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Calle del Arsenal

4.17 mi / 6.72 km from the hotel
Partake in some of the area's best nightlife when you check out the clubs along Calle del Arsenal. Favorites include Donde Fidel, Cafe Havana, and Bazurto Social Club.

Heredia Theater

4.19 mi / 6.75 km from the hotel
Although performing arts are the biggest draw at this venue, officially Teatro Adolfo Mejía, the architecture is also noteworthy. Take a tour to see the beautiful wooden balconies, Italian marble statues, and a ceiling fresco by painter Enrique Grau.

Castle of San Felipe de Barajas

3.79 mi / 6.11 km from the hotel
Originally constructed in the 16th century, this former Spanish fortress is located atop San Lázaro hill and provides the perfect spot for snapping a photo of the cityscape.

La Aduana Plaza

4.35 mi / 7 km from the hotel
Take a break at the largest and oldest plaza in the Walled City of Cartagena, where you can see City Hall and a statue of Christopher Columbus. This plaza once served as the royal offices for the Kingdom of Spain.

Palace of the Inquisition

4.36 mi / 7.02 km from the hotel
A trial site during the Spanish Inquisition, this 18th-century building now serves as a museum of city history with artifacts such as old church bells, pre-Columbian artwork, maps, and Inquisition torture devices.

San Pedro Claver Church and Monastery

4.39 mi / 7.07 km from the hotel
Named after a Spanish priest who dedicated his life to helping slaves in Cartagena in the 1700s, this gorgeous church is home to a museum of Afro-Caribbean art.

The Gate and Clock Tower

4.21 mi / 6.78 km from the hotel
Built as a main entrance to the historic Walled City in the 17th century, when it featured a drawbridge, the Puerta del Reloj gained its iconic clock tower in 1888.

The Vaults

3.81 mi / 6.13 km from the hotel
Built for storage in the 1700s, repurposed as a prison during the civil war of the 1900s, and now functioning as an art, retail, and restaurant epicenter, this site has a story you won't want to miss. Visit the namesake vaults before you buy souvenirs.

Zenú Gold Museum

4.34 mi / 6.98 km from the hotel
This free museum houses a vast collection of intricate gold artifacts from the Zenú people and other indigenous Colombian groups.

Sweets Gate

4.26 mi / 6.86 km from the hotel
Browse the marshmallows, meringues, and other treats at the Sweets Gate, or “El Portal de los Dulces.” The Sweets Gate is part of Coachmen’s Plaza, widely considered the most beautiful section of the old city.