Stay near the best things to do in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Choose a hotel room at Radisson Hotel Colonia del Sacramento to enjoy easy access to some of the best things to do in the city, starting with walking to Barrio Histórico, a UNESCO World Heritage site that features the oldest church in Uruguay. Also nearby are numerous museums and historical attractions, such as Portón de Campo (the Old City Gate), built in 1745. If you’re looking for some outdoor fun, our riverfront property is perfectly positioned near neighboring beaches along the Rio de la Plata. Missing the bustle of big city life? You can drive two hours to Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, or take a one-hour ferry ride across the river to Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina.

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Colonia del Sacramento Lighthouse

0.32 mi / 0.52 km from the hotel
Built in the 1850s atop the ruins of the 17th-century Convento de San Francisco, this lighthouse provides a stunning view of the entire city.

Barrio Histórico

0.23 mi / 0.37 km from the hotel
A UNESCO World Heritage site, this district is packed with charming cafes and storefronts featuring 17th- and 18th-century architecture. Be sure to bring your walking shoes so you can comfortably wander the cobblestone streets.

Basilica of the Holy Sacrament

0.19 mi / 0.3 km from the hotel
Visit the oldest church in the country, Basílica del Santísimo Sacramento, which was constructed in the 1600s and reconstructed in 1810.

Granja Colonia Museum

6.59 mi / 10.61 km from the hotel
This eclectic attraction has the Guinness World Record for holding the most pencils, but you can also peruse the collections of perfume bottles, key chains, and ashtrays. Take home a jar of delicious jelly, which is sold in the on-site restaurant.

Los Cerros de San Juan

17.79 mi / 28.63 km from the hotel
Tour this winery and warehouse to taste one white and two red wines, each complemented by regional cheeses and cold-cut meats. Don't miss a peek inside the stone cellar, which was erected in the mid-19th century.

Old City Gate

0.26 mi / 0.41 km from the hotel
This stone gate, which dates back to 1745 when the city was first walled, marks the beginning of Colonia's Old Town.

Portuguese Museum

0.29 mi / 0.47 km from the hotel
Explore the exhibits at this small museum to get a sense of what daily life was like in Uruguay under Portuguese rule. You can view examples of architecture, furniture, and military uniforms.

Rio de la Plata

0.02 mi / 0.03 km from the hotel
This vibrant river flows southeast into the Atlantic Ocean. Hop aboard a boat and cross the river to discover the city of Buenos Aires.