Explore nearby vineyards and find other fun things to do in Curicó

Book a comfortable room or suite at Radisson Hotel Curico to stay close to popular attractions like Cerro Condell, which offers you panoramic views of the city. If you need a break from on-site meetings, you can walk to Plaza de Armas to unwind amid the gardens and water features. Just 10 minutes from the hotel, Mall Curicó provides entertaining things to do indoors with its modern retailers, on-site movie theater, and bustling food court. Interested in a taste of the Curicó Valley’s thriving wine culture? You can schedule a tour and a wine tasting at nearby vineyards like Viña Las Pitras. For an amazing day trip, don’t miss a visit to Radal Siete Tazas National Park, which offers excellent hiking, plus mesmerizing sights like the Veil of the Bride waterfall.

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Curicó Valley Wine Route

0.39 mi / 0.62 km from the hotel
The Curicó Valley offers La Ruta del Vino (Curicó Valley Wine Route), where you can enjoy guided tours and wine tastings at 16 vineyards located in Molina, Sagrada Familia, and Curicó.

Laguna Torca National Reserve

49.24 mi / 79.25 km from the hotel
This lagoon offers a beautiful landscape of 604 hectares that features a variety of wildlife, including ducks, taguas, and black-neck swans. Declared a Chilean Nature Sanctuary, the site has clear paths and an Environmental Interpretation Center.

Plaza de Armas

0.34 mi / 0.55 km from the hotel
The main square of Santiago, this bustling area is surrounded by both historical and municipal buildings.

Potrero Grande

24.67 mi / 39.7 km from the hotel
Take a scenic cruise to the mountain ranges of Curicó to explore Potrero Grande, a rural spa town that boasts amazing waterfalls and lush forests. Treat yourself to a refreshing dip in the estuary during your visit.

Radal Siete Tazas National Park

35.33 mi / 56.87 km from the hotel
Spanning 5,147 hectares, the Siete Tazas (Seven Cups) reserve is located along the Claro River shore and takes its name from its biggest attraction, a natural formation of seven small waterfalls, including the Velo de la Novia (Veil of the Bride).

Vichuquén Lake

48.69 mi / 78.35 km from the hotel
This 40-square-kilometer lake offers calm waters and a diverse selection of outdoor activities for visitors. Try fishing, biking, windsurfing, or water-skiing during your visit.

Cerro Condell of Curicó

0.57 mi / 0.92 km from the hotel
Climb to the observation area of this wooded urban park to enjoy great views of surrounding Curicó. A kids’ playground and picnic areas are available.

Mall Curicó

4,834.97 mi / 7,781.11 km from the hotel
You’ll find familiar brands like H&M, Levis, and Starbucks at this modern mall offering a mix of Chilean and international retailers. Stop by the food court for a tasty break or visit the on-site theater to catch a movie.

Viña Las Pitras

5.03 mi / 8.1 km from the hotel
Founded in 1942, this beautiful vineyard just outside Curicó welcomes visitors for tours, wine tastings, and even cycling tourism. Enjoy the stunning outdoor views while you learn more about the wine-making process.