Discover things to do in and around Cerro Punta

Choose Hotel Bambito by Faranda Boutique to stay near the best things to do in the Chiriquí Highlands. You can take a hike to the top of Volcán Barú, the highest point in Panama—and if the weather is clear, you’ll be able to see both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. For more outdoor adventure, explore the trails in La Amistad International Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site just across the border in Costa Rica. Interested in Tierras Altas coffee? Travel the circuit of neighboring farms throughout Cerro Punta to learn about the area’s varieties, watch the manufacturing process, and enjoy a tasting.

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La Amistad International Park

46.36 mi / 74.6 km from the hotel
Spreading across more than 200,000 hectares, this UNESCO World Heritage Site protects endangered animals like jaguars and tapirs as well as hundreds of bird species. Choose a bird-watching trail or the Sendero La Cascada, where you can view a picture-worthy waterfall.

Janson Coffee Farm

5.08 mi / 8.18 km from the hotel
Take a basic tour of this family-run farm to learn about varieties of coffee, or choose a premium tour that includes a tasting. If you’re in the mood to hike, you can venture out to two lagoons created during a previous eruption of Volcán Barú.

Finca Ceriana Nature Preserve

6.06 mi / 9.76 km from the hotel
Wander through three kilometers to discover the flora and fauna of this preserve on the Janson Coffee Farm. Enjoy a gourmet picnic prepared by the Janson family or a walk to the forest canopy observation tower.

Volcán Barú National Park

1.9 mi / 3.05 km from the hotel
Climb to the top of the highest point in Panama when you visit Volcán Barú National Park. When the weather is clear, this peak is the only place in the world where you can see the Atlantic and Pacific oceans at the same time.

Sitio Barriles Museum

5.82 mi / 9.37 km from the hotel
You can visit this mysterious archeological site containing artifacts from AD 300 to AD 900. Enjoy exploring the many stone carvings and ongoing excavations.

Finca Dracula Orchid Sanctuary

4.8 mi / 7.73 km from the hotel
Guided tours are available to help you learn more about the flowers in this stunning botanical garden in Cerro Punta. Entrance is free.

Haras Cerro Punta

4.02 mi / 6.47 km from the hotel
Schedule a tour of this beautiful Thoroughbred breeding facility where auctions are held yearly. You can take a photo with the white mare Morinda and purchase specialty coffee brewed in the Tierras Altas region.