Explore the top things to do in Cúcuta

A stay at Hotel Faranda Bolivar Cucuta places you close to many of the city’s best things to do, such as a walk down the bustling Malecón, which is only five minutes away. If your kids are with you, they’ll love playing at Circus Pop or taking an art class at Biblioteca Pública Julio Peréz Ferrero. Interested in local history? Head to the town of Villa del Rosario to admire the centuries-old architecture and visit the birthplace of one of Colombia’s founders. For a laid-back outing after on-site meetings, enjoy shopping at Ventura Plaza or take part in the vibrant nightlife of the San Luis neighborhood.

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Ventura Plaza

0.74 mi / 1.2 km from the hotel
This modern multilevel mall offers some of the best shopping in Cúcuta, including Colombian and international brands. If you need a break, you can enjoy great meals in the food court or stop by the on-site cinema for a movie.

Cúcuta Malecón

0.29 mi / 0.46 km from the hotel
Stroll this bustling boardwalk along the Pamplonita River near downtown Cúcuta. Lined with restaurants, retailers, park areas, and live entertainment venues, the Malecón offers a taste of the city’s vibrant culture.

General Santander Stadium

1.26 mi / 2.03 km from the hotel
A beloved icon of the city, this immense stadium hosts over 40,000 fans for the Cúcuta Deportivo club’s home football games.

Circus Pop

0.4 mi / 0.65 km from the hotel
Let your kids explore the playground, trampoline center, and video games at this family-friendly complex. Afterward, buy lunch at one of the eateries and settle into the outdoor seating to take in the live entertainment.

Cathedral of Cúcuta

1.19 mi / 1.91 km from the hotel
With its soaring architecture and amazing artwork, the Cathedral of San José de Cúcuta creates a restful oasis in the heart of the city.

Villa del Rosario

3.07 mi / 4.94 km from the hotel
Explore this historic town known for being the birthplace of one of Colombia’s founding fathers, General Francisco de Paula Santander. Make sure to stop by the General’s childhood home, which is now a popular museum.

Francisco de Paula Santander University

0.92 mi / 1.47 km from the hotel
With more than 20,000 students enrolled, this public research university offers graduate and undergraduate programs within 50 academic programs.

Biblioteca Pública Julio Peréz Ferrero

0.96 mi / 1.54 km from the hotel
Founded in 1919, this public library forms an important part of the city’s culture and frequently hosts free events, including movie showings, book fairs, and art and music classes.