Discover the many things to do in Panama City

From a romantic stroll through Casco Viejo’s colonial-era streets to a hike through the lush jungle at Metropolitan Nature Park, Panama City is bursting with things to do and see. Within 15 minutes of Faranda Express Soloy and Casino, you can visit the Panama Canal Museum, see a production at the National Theatre, or purchase traditional textiles and handicrafts at Mercado de Artesanías de Balboa. Looking for indoor fun? You’ll find it at Albrook Mall, home to hundreds of retailers as well as a movie theater and a bowling alley. If you’re here for an on-site convention or a tour of the University of Panama, enjoy your downtime at our casino or at the Cinta Costera for views of the Pacific and the city’s skyline.

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Summit Botanical Gardens and Zoo

9.94 mi / 16 km from the hotel
Admire the regal harpy eagle, Panama's national bird, at this wildlife rescue center, which is also home to jaguars and tapirs.

Old Panama

4.25 mi / 6.83 km from the hotel
Discover the ruins of Panama City’s original settlement, built in 1519 and burned down by pirate Henry Morgan in 1671.

Panama Canal Museum

1.1 mi / 1.78 km from the hotel
As one of the greatest feats of engineering in history, the Panama Canal has a storied past that’s chronicled at the Panama Canal Museum. Call ahead to arrange guided tours in English.

Casco Viejo

1.07 mi / 1.71 km from the hotel
Stroll through the streets of Casco Viejo, Panama City’s historic quarter, to see 17th-century buildings, shop at colorful street stalls, and experience its lively nightlife.

Punta Culebra Nature Center

3.93 mi / 6.33 km from the hotel
Learn more about Panama’s aquatic environment at the Punta Culebra Nature Center, a Smithsonian research institute. Explore the touch pools, a sea turtle aquarium, and its two trails that weave through a tropical dry forest.

Amador Causeway

3.38 mi / 5.45 km from the hotel
Constructed out of rocks removed while building the Panama Canal, the Amador Causeway offers a breathtaking view of the Bridge of the Americas and the Pacific entrance to the canal. You'll also find restaurants, parks, and bike trails along the causeway.

Cinta Costera

0.7 mi / 1.12 km from the hotel
Head to this waterfront boulevard that skirts Panama Bay, where you can photograph the city skyline, stroll or bike along the palm-tree-lined pathways, or join the crowds during annual events like Carnival and Pride Parade.

Mercado de Artesanías de Balboa

1.43 mi / 2.3 km from the hotel
Featuring authentic arts and crafts such as traditional textiles, footwear, and beadwork, this welcoming market makes a great place to watch crafters at work and pick up quality souvenirs.

Albrook Mall

1.11 mi / 1.78 km from the hotel
With hundreds of stores, restaurants, exhibitions, and entertainment venues, Albrook Mall is one of the largest commercial complexes in the world. Shop your favorite brands, and then catch a movie at the mall’s theater.


2.5 mi / 4.02 km from the hotel
Check out the fossil displays, the plant and animal life exhibits, and the peaceful Biodiversity Park that provides a beautiful home for local wildlife at this museum of natural history.

Miraflores Visitors Center

4.18 mi / 6.72 km from the hotel
Learn more about the Panama Canal, one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, at the visitors’ center, and then watch ships travel through the locks on one of the observation terraces.

Metropolitan Natural Park

1.9 mi / 3.05 km from the hotel
Wander through this urban oasis to see native animals like titi monkeys, green iguanas, and macaws.