Make timeless memories by choosing our Kalamazoo event venues

When you host an event downtown at Radisson Plaza Hotel at Kalamazoo Center, you'll experience world-class amenities, a contemporary ambience, and a hospitable team of professionals ready to make your gathering an experience to remember. The hotel features 44,000 square feet of flexible space spanning 22 meeting rooms, as well as 340 contemporary guest rooms and suites and three on-site dining venues. Whether you’re bringing a sports team or hosting a corporate conference, our dedicated event team can help ensure all the details are right, from catering to accommodations for your overnight guests.

Key features

  • 22 meeting rooms

  • 1,280 person max. capacity

  • Ballroom pre-function area

  • Catering service

  • Ergonomic chairs

  • LED/LCD projector

  • Wedding and event coordinator

Meeting room details

Arcadia Ballroom

Approximate size: 9,730 ft² | Capacity: 1,280

Our ballroom exudes grandeur from the moment you walk through the doors. Featuring an open design, color-customizable chandeliers, two drop-down screens, and built-in audiovisual projection–the possibilities are endless in this space.


  • Reception: 1,280
  • Theater: 1,080
  • Banquet: 770
  • Classroom: 544

Kalamazoo Room

Approximate size: 10,500 ft² | Capacity: 1,200

With distinctive rich mahogany pillars, multi-tiered lighting, and an open-urban ceiling, the Kalamazoo Room radiates a comfortable and inviting ambience perfect for social events and expositions.


  • Reception: 1,200
  • Banquet: 740
  • Theater: 600
  • Classroom: 300
  • Exhibition: 65
  • Hollow Square: 58
  • U-shape: 50
  • Conference: 38

Great Lakes

Approximate size: 4,134 ft²

The versatility of Great Lakes makes it ideal for meetings, banquets, and as an exhibit hall. It can be divided into five separate rooms for smaller meetings and breakouts. Call for more details on the wide variety of capacity and configuration options.


Approximate size: 4,050 ft² | Capacity: 450

Planners appreciate the generous space of Glens, which is a great choice for meetings, breakout sessions, and banquets. For a more intimate setting, the venue can be divided into three equal rooms of 1,350 square feet apiece.


  • Theater: 450
  • Reception: 300
  • Banquet: 240
  • Classroom: 180
  • Conference: 120
  • Hollow square: 96
  • U-shape: 84


Approximate size: 3,645 ft² | Capacity: 420

Use the open floor plan of Prairies for a general meeting or a banquet. It can also be divided into three rooms for breakout sessions and mid-size events.


  • Theater: 420
  • Reception: 300
  • Banquet: 240
  • Classroom: 170
  • Conference: 100
  • Hollow square: 96
  • U-shape: 84


Approximate size: 2,800 ft² | Capacity: 180

Popular among event planners, Meadows features two eight-foot by eight-foot drop-down projection screens and a semi-private registration area, making it ideal for breakouts, receptions, and banquets.


  • Theater: 180
  • Reception: 175
  • Banquet: 150
  • Classroom: 90
  • Conference: 60
  • Hollow square: 60
  • U-shape: 60


Approximate size: 990 ft² | Capacity: 80

Connected to the hotel’s Kalamazoo Room, this event space is perfect for a breakout session, speaker green room, exhibitor prep room, board meeting, or private storage. It can also be used as a standalone venue for training sessions, cocktail receptions, meetings, and special events.


  • Theater: 80
  • Banquet: 70
  • Reception: 60
  • Classroom: 56
  • Hollow square: 28
  • Conference: 25
  • U-shape: 24


Approximate size: 960 ft² | Capacity: 80

Located in the heart of our meeting space, this event room is perfect for a meeting, a cocktail reception, and other special events. Connected to the hotel’s Kalamazoo Room, this event space can also be used for a breakout session, speaker green room, exhibitor prep room, board meeting, or private storage.


  • Reception: 80
  • Theater: 80
  • Banquet: 60
  • Classroom: 48
  • Conference: 35
  • Hollow square: 28
  • U-shape: 24


Approximate size: 672 ft² | Capacity: 65

The size and location of Flats make it ideal for a dedicated office for conventions or as a meeting room for depositions and board meetings.


  • Reception: 65
  • Theater: 60
  • Banquet: 40
  • Classroom: 36
  • Conference: 25
  • Hollow square: 24
  • U-shape: 20

Stone Theater

Approximate size: 855 ft² | Capacity: 60

One of the most unique meeting spaces at the Radisson, Stone Theater features amphitheater seating with executive chairs and outlets at every station plus built-in audiovisual and a full-control lectern on the stage.

Parfet Boardroom

Approximate size: 720 ft² | Capacity: 40

This sleek boardroom offers flexible seating options as well as built-in media and oversized glass dry erase boards.

Gilmore Boardroom

Approximate size: 720 ft² | Capacity: 12

This boardroom features a sleek, modern design with built-in media, oversized glass dry erase boards, and a built-in conference table.