Discover exciting things to do in Lima, Peru

Radisson Hotel Plaza del Bosque places you just one block from the Corredor Azul bus route, which offers convenient transportation to top attractions around Lima’s San Isidro and Miraflores districts. When you find a break between meetings, you can snap photos in front of the Huaca Huallamarca pyramid or get some fresh air at Parque El Olivar. Looking for kid-friendly things to do? Spark their curiosity at the Interactive Imagination Museum or let them splash around in the fountains at the Magic Water Circuit. Combining music, lights, and water, the fountains’ nightly choreographed performance is something you’ll all want to see.

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2.39 mi / 3.85 km from the hotel
The cliffside Larcomar shopping mall boasts dozens of retailers and restaurants that overlook the Pacific Ocean. Browse everything from international brands to contemporary alpaca clothing and jewelry handmade in Peru.

Larco Museum

3.06 mi / 4.92 km from the hotel
Explore more than 5,000 years of pre-Columbian history at Larco Museum, which showcases items such as jewelry, textiles, and ceramics.

Huaca Huallamarca

0.46 mi / 0.75 km from the hotel
Built as a temple by the indigenous Lima civilization, this adobe pyramid has stood for more than 1,500 years. Tour the museum to see the ancient artifacts and mummies discovered at this archaeological site.

Bridge of Sighs

3.7 mi / 5.96 km from the hotel
Woo your loved one with a romantic visit to Lima’s Bridge of Sighs, a popular gathering spot for lovebirds to watch the sunset. According to local legend, a wish will be granted if you cross the entire span of the bridge while holding your breath.

Magic Water Circuit

3.38 mi / 5.44 km from the hotel
Located in Parque de la Reserva, this magnificent attraction features 13 illuminated water fountains. Bring the kids to cool off in the fountains during the day and return in the evening for the nightly water show, which features choreographed water “dances,” lights, and music.

Historic Center of Lima

11.16 mi / 17.97 km from the hotel
Learn more about Peru’s colonial past with a visit to the Historic Center of Lima, featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The stretch includes popular attractions such as San Martin Square, the Magic Water Circuit, and Saint Francis Monastery.

Saint Francis Monastery

3.38 mi / 5.44 km from the hotel
Encased in a Spanish Baroque-style exterior, this popular monastery houses a library with books dating back to the 14th century as well as ancient catacombs that are home to more than 70,000 bodies.

San Martin Square

3.09 mi / 4.97 km from the hotel
This central square dedicated to José de San Martín, who won Peru’s independence in 1821, is a popular gathering spot for locals and tourists. The plaza features an impressive statue dedicated to its namesake and is surrounded by beautiful buildings with ornate architecture.

Astrid & Gastón

0.11 mi / 0.17 km from the hotel
This famous restaurant opened in 1994, when Gastón Acurio and Astrid Gutsche finished their culinary training in Paris and decided to create their own establishment. Over the years the food has shifted from French to distinctly Peruvian.

Parque El Olivar

0.28 mi / 0.45 km from the hotel
Stroll hand-in-hand through the grounds of this 57-acre park dotted with olive trees and decorative ponds. Bird-watchers can observe more than 30 species around the premises.

Virgen del Pilar Church of San Isidro

0.16 mi / 0.26 km from the hotel
Pack your camera and admire the Baroque architecture of this stunning Catholic church. The main wooden altarpiece stands 15 meters high and dates back to 1740.

Interactive Imagination Museum

4.14 mi / 6.66 km from the hotel
This hands-on science center provides opportunities for learning across multiple disciplines, including anatomy, biology, and physics. Standout exhibits include an earthquake simulator, a dinosaur center, and an aquarium.