Discover Lima’s rich cultural history with things to do in and around San Isidro

Choose a comfortable room or suite at the Radisson in Lima, a thriving metropolis of South American business and culture. Located in the upscale San Isidro district, our hotel is just one block from things to see and do on Avenida Javier Prado, one of the city’s main thoroughfares. Attractions such as the Larco Museum and the ancient Huaca Huallamarca are less than three miles away, and you’ll also enjoy easy access to international corporations such as ExxonMobil and Google. Want to remember your time in San Isidro? Purchase pottery or an alpaca scarf at Mercado Indio, the largest handicraft market in Lima.

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Larco Museum

2.57 mi / 4.14 km from the hotel
Explore more than 5,000 years of pre-Columbian history at Larco Museum, which showcases items such as jewelry, textiles, and ceramics.

Circuito Mágico del Agua

1.46 mi / 2.35 km from the hotel
If you're traveling with your family, don't miss the laser light show at one of the world's largest fountain complexes. During the day, tour the beautiful gardens, admire the cultural monuments, and then let the kids cool off in the fountains.

Huaca Huallamarca

0.38 mi / 0.62 km from the hotel
Built as a temple by the indigenous Lima civilization, this adobe pyramid has stood for more than 1,500 years. Tour the museum to see the ancient artifacts and mummies discovered at this archaeological site.

Natural History Museum

1.01 mi / 1.62 km from the hotel
One of the country's premier cultural attractions, the National History Museum explores the variety of fossils, animals, minerals, and plants native to Peru.

Parque El Olivar

0.67 mi / 1.08 km from the hotel
Stroll hand-in-hand through the grounds of this 57-acre park dotted with olive trees and decorative ponds. Bird-watchers can observe more than 30 species around the premises.

Avenida Javier Prado

0.08 mi / 0.12 km from the hotel
One of the city’s main boulevards, Avenida Javier Prado was named after an esteemed Peruvian philosopher. The avenue stretches west to east along 135 blocks and runs through eight different districts.

Basilica y Monasterio de Santo Domingo

3.36 mi / 5.4 km from the hotel
Visit this imposing monastery built in the 16th century by Dominican friars. This active convent houses the tombs of several prominent Peruvian saints as well as an expansive library of religious texts.