Find fun things to do in Yuma like golfing and shopping

When you stay at Radisson Hotel Yuma, some of the city’s most popular destinations are just minutes away from your room or suite. Try your luck at Quechan and Cocopah casinos, shop for deals at Yuma Palms Regional Center, or admire breathtaking works of art at the Yuma Art Center. If you’re looking for things to do outdoors, play a round of golf at Desert Hills Golf Course or spend the afternoon at the Yuma Conservation Garden, where you can watch ducks and tortoises while enjoying a picnic lunch.

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Cocopah Casino

6.94 mi / 11.16 km from the hotel
For an entertaining evening of fun and games, head to Cocopah Casino, home to a 250-seat bingo hall, 500 slot machines, and 10 Vegas-style blackjack tables.

Desert Hills Golf Course

3.15 mi / 5.07 km from the hotel
Pack your gear for a day on the links at this expertly manicured course. The par-72 course is home to professional golf events like the Korn Ferry Tour, and the par-3 course is a perfect venue for entertaining clients or colleagues.

Quechan Casino

7.09 mi / 11.41 km from the hotel
Feeling lucky? Head to this casino to find 24 tables of various card games, a 10-table poker room, and a 30,000-square-foot slot machine floor.

Yuma Art Center

1.62 mi / 2.61 km from the hotel
Browse the galleries or see a performance at the Yuma Art Center, which features a 640-seat historic theater and hosts year-round productions, art classes, and film screenings.

Yuma Conservation Garden and Education Center

2.47 mi / 3.97 km from the hotel
Fun for all ages, this local conservation center offers an intriguing look at Sonoran Desert ecology. Take a break in one of the center’s picnic areas and relax by watching desert tortoises and ducks in their natural habitat.

Yuma Palms Regional Center

0.41 mi / 0.66 km from the hotel
Lace up your walking shoes when you head out to explore this attraction that features nearly 500,000 square feet of retail space, restaurants, and entertainment options.