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An outline of our efforts to operate in a sustainable manner that demonstrates our desire to create a better world

What's happening in our hotels

At Radisson Hotel Group Americas, we're committed to caring for people, our community and the planet, and many of our actions create a ripple effect of positive impact. Our reports and policies describe the most material corporate responsibility and sustainability aspects of our operations. Acting on these causes is essential to business success and our responsibility as global citizens.

The first step is to be clear about our principles

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We believe that true hospitality is found in building strong relationships with our people, our community, and our planet. Everything we do is guided by principles that our team members and partners must know, follow, and respect to achieve our goals.

We measure to improve

Our aim is to create shared value and bring positive benefits to the communities in which we operate through our high-quality services, economic development, and employment opportunities, environmental sustainable initiatives, and community involvement. Our commitment to ethical excellence is our heartbeat, and we're recognized as a trusted global leader when it comes to being a Responsible Business. Our Responsible Business Reports describe the most material social responsibility and sustainability aspects of our corporate operations.
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Updates about our Responsible Business activities

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