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Landmark Destinations

Find art'otel across Europe in landmark destinations

Each art’otel is one-of-a-kind with its own personality. Find art'otels in brilliant European cities, including Amsterdam, Berlin and Budapest. Located in city centres, art'otels are the ideal base for exploring all that these destinations have to offer. From art and culture to shopping and dining, book an art'otel to be close to the best attractions, both popular and niche.
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art'otel amsterdam - Amsterdam city centre


Take a stroll and explore the historical city centre of Amsterdam with its 17th century canals, picturesque districts and many museums.
art'otel berlin kudamm - Berlin Brandenburger tor


An impressive variety of art, architecture and history awaits you in Berlin while staying close to the city's popular main attractions.
art'otel cologne - art'otel cologne SEO art


Minutes away from ancient architecture and modern marvels, enjoy picturesque vistas of the harbour and the historic landmarks in Old Town.
art'otel budapest - Budapest bridge by night


Bursting with colour and excitement, enjoy central, riverfront location and stunning views of the enchanting city of Budapest.

art'otel is coming to London and New York!

art’otel is a lifestyle collection of hotels that fuse exceptional architectural style with art-inspired interiors, located in cosmopolitan centres across Europe - and soon also London and New York City. With developments in both cities currently underway, guests can soon look forward to a unique luxury experience and creative environment in these exciting destinations.
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